Aztec can provide you with services that build on our considerable knowledge and experience with plants.  Clients choose us because we offer a complete package surrounding plants – we get involved at each and every stage of the project to make sure that the plants are fully considered and recognised.  This brings many benefits to you, for example choosing suitable plants in the design stage will ensure maintenance costs are reasonable and any replacement/repair costs are as low as possible.

“Aztec looks after the plants on your project from start to finish”




The Design phase of any project is the most important, as it will set the standards required for the whole project.  Plants are often overlooked during the early stages of projects, with many people seeing them as an accessory or an afterthought.  This can result in office plants that are difficult to look after, don’t give the desired effect and are a waste of time, space and money for the client.  With this in mind, Aztec are keen to work with Architects and Designers who are looking to get the very best out of their plant displays.  So from feasibility assessments, to concept drawings, planning applications and proposals to the client- Aztec can help with our creative input.  

We’ll make a wealth of knowledge available to our specifiers, giving them the inspiration for exciting new designs, innovative products and the exacting specifications to ensure absolute precision throughout the project.

When installing your plants there are plenty of reasons to use Aztec.  We’ll take every precaution to ensure your plants arrive in perfect condition.  Plants need to be transported at the right temperature, and if they’re in conditions that are too hot or cold for them, they’ll become damaged and could possibly die.  We’re happy to offer out-of-hours installations, freeing up time and space onsite for other contractors to do their jobs.  Our effectiveness allows us to meet even the most challenging of deadlines. 

You would expect the plants to look great on Day 1, but what will they look like in a year’s time? Plants are only effective if they’re alive – and should they die, the consequences can be disastrous.  With our maintenance service you don’t need to worry.  

Our technicians have nearly 100 years of combined experience that will enable them to sustain your displays and keep them thriving all year round.  We undergo regular health and safety training, including manual handling – to ensure absolute best practice when working throughout your workplace.  Each member of staff has considerable experience and training behind them, and is fully covered by public liabilty insurance where required.  

We use planters that contain self-watering systems.  These give the plants continual access to a water reservoir without saturating and damaging the roots.  Using these systems encourages healthier root growth with deeper roots that anchor the plant more effectively.

We also offer irrigation systems that will keep the plants hydrated to the right levels throughout the year.  These are ideal for large displays, structural planters, hanging baskets and living walls.

Finally we guarantee to replace any plant that isn’t up to our high standards, meaning you can rest assured your displays will look great for years to come.

We’re brimming with ideas to bring to your projects and designs.

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