Outdoor Office Plants for Hire in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire & London

Outdoor Office Plant Rental

Have you been looking for a company that you feel you can trust to look after your indoor plants?  We’ve got nearly 100 years of combined experience within our team, which makes us the ideal people to be caring for your plant displays.

“Our greatest inspirations come from outdoors, nature itself”

We’ll take the time to visit your project, talk to you in detail about what your requirements will be – both short and long term.  We feel the time spent doing this is well spent, and can potentially save a lot of headaches later on in the project. Following our site consultation we’ll come back to you with a full proposal that leaves nothing to chance.

We’ll specify the planters, the plant species, the maintenance and include details of our service guarantee that will bring excellence and peace of mind.

We’re brimming with ideas to bring to your projects and designs.

If you’d like to see more, our Gallery will show you more possibilities.
Alternatively if you’re looking to have plants in your workplace, please click below to contact us.

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