Are you working in marketing to improve perceptions of your business?  Perhaps you’re looking to attract new customers to a retail environment, improve the customer experience, increase customer spend or simply make your company look better in the eyes of it’s staff.

All too often we see companies that try very hard to project themselves effectively online, but forget the basics of a welcoming reception and a pleasant environment.  A slick website doesn’t compensate for dingy offices and miserable staff, furthermore their perceptions of the company will forever be reflected in the way they work.

At Aztec we believe that plants have a powerful impact in branding and the messages companies send to the people who come into contact with them.  Companies who say they care about the environment, but don’t have a plant in sight of their head offices, are sending mixed messages.  Companies who say they care about the welfare of their staff, but don’t have plants in the working areas – are missing the benefits that plants bring – which are difficult to ignore once they are known about.

We’ll help you and your designers send a consistent message to your staff, suppliers and customers through the planters we supply.  We’ll make engaging displays that will inspire your visitors, leaving them with an impression of your business that will be hard to match.

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