Architects in Design

Aztec deal with Architects who have a passion for sustainable design, who understand the impact that their designs have on the wider community. Acting as design consultants and providing a valuable source of information that can be trusted, our input enables Architects to attain a very high standard of plant design that is completely moulded around the individual clients’ needs. We offer CPDs to Architects who are interested in learning new ways to minimise UHIE (the Urban Heat Island Effect) and how to use plants to minimise energy usage in buildings.

We equip you with the knowledge you need to do a great job with plants.

We take the mystery of the plant world away from you, giving as much detail as required for the specification, communicating with pictures as well as words- to provide as much visual representation as possible for our proposals throughout the project. Whether it’s roof gardens, living walls, interior planters or trees, we’ll be able to help. Our consultation service is a highly effective way to handle any soft landscaping or interior plant requirements.


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Study guides and materials


We’ve compiled some a wealth of information and expertise into one concise document for you.  Entitled “5 Key Points To Consider When Specifying Interior Plants” contact us below for your copy and you’ll be well equipped to make decisions regarding plants in your projects.