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Aztec believe that plants make life better, so we’ve made it our mission to provide high-quality office plant displays throughout the UK. We’ll do all we can to help you find the plants you need for your workspace.

Whether you’re looking for office plant hire, a total rebrand for your hotel, or a tailored maintenance package covering multiple sites – we can help you. Our experience with plant rental service will save you a lot of hassle. In specifying the correct plants, ongoing maintenance will be made easier, more cost-effective, and will result in a higher quality display.

Plants Make Life Better, and Plant Rental Makes Life Easier

Scientists have started to unravel what we’ve believed all along – that plants make life better, which makes us excited for the future of our world as more people learn about all of the benefits plants can bring!

What’s more, to make life even better (and easier!), our office plant rental service means we’ll take care of everything from design and installation to even the maintenance of your plants!

This means the only thing you’ll need to worry about is running your business while enjoying your beautiful new scenery.

 A Professional Plant Rental Service For a Variety of Industries

Aztec Plants offer various bespoke office plant rental and maintenance services for professionals looking to refresh or completely overhaul a building. We’ll ensure your plants are well looked after every step of the way. Whether you’re an:

Architect / Facilities Manager / Marketing Professional / Interior Designer / Contractor / Business Owner / Office Worker

We ensure that all of our services are entirely tailored to your needs and are 100% reliable. We are a small company so we can guarantee a fully personalised experience with a dedicated team on hand to help if and when you need us.

Aztec Plants indoor and outdoor

The Aztec Story

Want to know a bit more about us? Follow us on our journey as we explain what we’ve done over the years and what’s next for us! You’ll learn what sets us apart from others in our industry and why people choose us.

Office Plants

Looking for some plants to brighten up your office? Aztec has a wide range of office plants available for hire.

Calling all designers...

Are you an architect or designer looking to include plants in your next project? We can give you fresh ideas that we’re sure your clients will like. From pictures, CPDs, checklists, we have plenty of resources to help you find suitable styles.

Are your planters out of style?

Do your plants project the image your company requires them to? If not, don’t worry – Aztec can help you find the latest trends and designs that will help you impress in any setting.

Living Walls

Looking to include the very best systems into your interior spaces? Aztec can help you specify, install, and maintain these systems.

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